To RECORD MACRO MICROSOFT WORD 2013 is easy and enjoyable.

If you do a task more often in word then a macro would be most appropriate to make your work easier.

imagine a scenario where you have to merge cells in a table change the paste some text on the merged cells change the font size, the font type and may be center the text and then you do this to 20 or more similar tables.

A macro would make the work much easier for you.


The example below will be simple enough for you to understand the basics of macro recording. It consists of a few table however your data could have more tables that the example below.

download the word file to use for this example.

Once the file has downloaded open it and your file should as below


Write the work BREAK somewhere on the word and copy it so that it is available for us for pasting.

Now select the column under 2.50 from top to bottom

and on the main menu click view tab and select record macro.

macro can be assigned to a keyboard or a menu. We start with assigning to a menu then keyboard later.

Select the button and give your macro a good name like merge cell then click okay.

on the dialog box that appears select the macro and then click add then okay at the bottom

Your macro is now added on your quick access tool bar

its time now to record the macro. Please note that your cursor has a new form.

Click on the layout and then merge cells, click on the paste to paste our word BREAK.

Click on the text direction severally until the text becomes vertical.

then click the center button. Note all these buttons are circled in red in the image below.

On the home tab change the text font to your own liking and also the font to your like

Now its time to stop recording the macro.

click on the view on main menu then macro then stop recording.

Your macro is now saved and available for you to use.

Using the recorded macro

On our table now select the cells under the column 9.20

Then click on our macro on quick access bar

The results are instant.

work out on the other five tables using the recorded macro and discover how quick and easy it is. Remember that we are pasting the word BREAK which should be copied first before applying the macro.

You now move to assigning macro to a keyboard shortcut.