Ranking in excel


In our daily lifes we always do ranking in a given order. sometime it is students marks, or even other data like stock. Excel provide a clear and easy way of ranking data.

The rank function can order data in ascending way or descending manner. Moreso it can also give where there are ties and give it as a tie. It is worth noting that most excel autofilling uses relative referencing, hence if we were to autofill excel would change the formula in each consecutive cell. However with use of $ sighn its possible to lock the cells so that the formula does not keep changing. The following example will illustrate how ranking works in excel. The has complete illustrations that can be followed along in an easy way.

The rank formula as the syntax


rank 1

We are going to rank using pts

enter = followed by RANK where we want the rank to be


Then select the number that we want to rank

Type a comma(,)


Then select the range(ref)


After the comma type 0 to rank in descending order and enter


Now let us remove relative referencing from our formula.

select our select again and lock the reference in the formula bar as shown in figure below using the dollar sign


Now auto fill the formula in the other cells below