Career Guide for secondary schools in Kenya



Many students in high do not have sufficient information on careers in their country

This page gives some ideas on careers choices

What determines ones career

There a few factors that may determine ones career


This is a strong desire or liking of something. many students have a passion for certain career. The passion may make you do as much as possible to achieve your goal.


These are skills that someone naturally has to do something. It is an ability that someone is born with. The skills that one is born with will make some move in a certain direction of his or her career. Talents make someone do difficult tasks with a lot of ease.

Ones principles

Some time our principles play a great role in determining the direction our career will take. Some careers may make you go against your principles.


The factors below may be important to consider when choosing your career

Working conditions

Some careers will require you to work any time of the day. Such career include medicine and nursing. Other careers may require someone to even risk there lives. Someone should choose a career that is more flexible and with minimum risks.


Salary is key component of work. Some work pay well while others don’t pay much. Many people tend to think of jobs that pay well.

Apart from salary their are other benefits that accompany jobs which include allowances such as house allowance, car allowance, travel allowance, extraneous allowance among others.

Other benefits include annual leaves.


Your ability will determine the career that you take. Ability will even determine how well you can work in a given case scenario.

Knowing your ability is key in determining your career as it will be clear what you can do your best.

Job market

Many students work knowing in mind that they will be employed by the government or by private entities. Courses that one can be employed after graduating include. teaching, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, law, engineering among others.

Other courses may require some one to be self employed which include ICT related courses, veterinary, nursing, law among others. It is important to note that nowadays job opportunities are very limited, hence one should be very careful while selecting a course.


Cluster subjects

It is worth noting that in Kenya subjects are grouped according to a given criteria

Group II includes the, sciences,  group III includes the humanities, group IV includes technical subjects and group V includes Business studies.

Cluster points

A cluster is made of four core subjects. The cluster points are calculated using the four subject and the mean grade, hence it is important to have a good mean grade. More important KUCCPS uses actual marks scored to calculate the cluster points, hence A grades are of different marks.

Factors that hinder good career choice

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Parental pressure
  3. Envy and bad role models

Medicine related courses and others with similar requirements

Dental Surgery, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Radiography, Science (Applied Biology), Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Science (Biochemistry), Biomedical Science & Technology, Biomedical Science and Technology, Science (Biotechnology), Science (Environmental Health), Forensic Science

Laboratory Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, With IT, Medical Laboratory, Medical Microbiology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Nursing, Occupational Health & Safety, Physiotherapy

Public Health, Clinical Medicine, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences & Technology              Biotechnology and Bio safety Bachelor of Science in Entomology and Parasitology, Nursing Science Bachelor of Science in Public Health

These subjects require

  1. English/Kiswahili
  2. Mathematics
  3. Any science or any humanity
  4. Any science or Any humanity or Technicles or Business studies

Business related courses and others with similar requirements
Business Administration, Business and Office Management, Catering & Hotel Management, Co-operative Management, Commerce (B.Com)

Entrepreneurship, Hotel & Hospitality Management, Procurement and Contract Management, Purchasing & Supplies Management

Purchasing and Supplies Management, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises Management, Human Resource Management, Project Planning and Management

Public Administration and Leadership, Human Resource Management, Information Sciences,Purchasing and Supplies Management

These subjects required

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics or Physics
  4. Any other subject done

Note that medicine students are the ones who score the highest grades in KCSE, that is Grade A for direct admission under government sponsored.

For one to do medicine under module II (self sponsored) one needs an average of B- in cluster points and non of them should be below C+)  The fee for module II is about 450,000 per year

Medicine takes the first 5 year of learning then the sixth year of internship. After the sixth year you become a general practitioner

During masters which takes at least four years one specializes to become cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians  etc

Art related courses and others with similar requirements

Arts, Political Science, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Communication & Media Technology, Community Development, Counseling Psychology, Criminology & Security Studies,

Drama and Theatre Studies, Fine Arts, International Relations and Diplomacy , Media and Communication, Public Administration, Sociology and Social Work, Theology, Community Development, Broadcast Journalism, Education (Arts)


Engineering related courses and others with similar requirements
Aeronautical Engineering, Agricultural & Bio-systems Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Geospatial Engineering

Industrial and Textile Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Civil Engineering,

Electronic and Computer Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Manufacturing Engineering & Technology, Mechanical and Industrial

Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Medical Engineering, Physics, Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics, Telecommunication and Information Engineering, Chemistry (Inorganic, Physical and Organic Options)

These subjects required

  1. Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Any other subject done

Engineering related courses and others with similar requirements

Information Technology,  Applied Computer Science, Applied Statistics With Programming, Computer Science, Computer Security and Forensics, Computer Technology, Informatics and Mathematics, Mathematics and Computing, Statistics & Programming, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Networks

These subjects required

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. 2nd science or humanity
  4. Any science , humanity or technical

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