visual basic programming

visual basic programming

visual basic is the simplest programming language to easily understand and apply the knowledge.

To begin with you need the visual studio which you can download for free at visual studio community

Please note that this is a free product product and may not have all the functions of the paid up versions.

once you have installed the program you can begin programming right away.

In our discussion we are going to be using visual studio 2013.

After installing your product start the program from the start menu.

visual studio start page
visual studio start page

The dialog box appears. click on new project on the dialog or from the file menu. Another dialog box appears.

visual studio naming project
visual studio naming project

change the name of the project to your own liking and click next, leaving windows forms as the selected option.

The window below now opens.


visual studio user interphase
visual studio user inter-phase

Now this is where we are going to do our work and come up with a good program.

Running the program

press F5 from the key board and the program runs automatically

run the program
run the program

Alternatively you can click button for start on the ribbon.

In our next tutorial we shall be creating a simple calculator.

Mean while you could be following our tutorials on visual basic at VISUAL BASIC 2010

You can now move to the simple calculator program

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