windows 10, turn off automatic updates

Turn off windows updates on windows 10

Basically windows 10 is set to update automatically. This ensures that you have the latest patches for performance and security reasons due to attacks from malware and other hacking tools.

To turn off the updates is not direct in windows 10 but there is a simple work around that produces the desired results.


Under the search button on main window type services.

windows update off 1
windows update off 1


click on the services(desktop app)

then locate the windows update on the window that appears.

windows update off 2
windows update off 2


Double click on the windows update.

On the window that appear change the start up type to disabled then click apply.

windows update off 3
windows update off 3

That means updates are now disabled.

It is worth noting it is not good to turn off automatic updates since critical issues on windows are resolved through updates.

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